Patriots Get Taken Down by the Titans: 'None of it Was Good Enough,' Belichick Says

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While Patriots fans came tackled Nashville with all their might this weekend, sadly the same can’t be said about the Pats’ defense as it struggled against Marcus Mariota and co. on Sunday afternoon.

Going into the game heavy favorites and with a 6-1 record against the Tennessee Titans, New England suffered a disappointing 34-10 loss at the hands of former linebacker Mike Vrabel’s team. 

The Titans scored early and fast, then the hits kept on coming. “You’ve got to make Tom blink. If you let him rip it to the first guy he looks at, it's going to be a long day,” rookie head coach Vrabel, who spent eight seasons with Brady in Foxboro, later told reporters. 

Just as with Matt Patricia and the Detroit Lions in Week 3, the Titans had the advantage of knowing their opponent. 

Vrabel was armed with former Patriots defensive coordinator/ linebackers coach Dean Pees; former running back Dion Lewis; former cornerback Malcolm Butler; former cornerback Logan Ryan and former director of college scouting Jon Robinson. 

And they came fully-armed with combination of blitzes, delays, stunts and counters, plus three sacks that totally knocked Brady out of synch, resulting in him completing a season-low 51 percent of his passes, throwing for 245 yards with a 70.6 passer rating and zero touchdowns.

Not even trying to hide his disappointment during his Monday morning conference call, Belichick was as blunt as ever when asked about his level of concern in getting more targets in the passing game.

“Well, our main concern is to score points and win, so whatever falls into that category I'm for and that's what we'll do,” he said, according to

He went on to say that the opening kick return was “pretty much symptomatic of the whole game, so bad coaching, bad playing, offense, defense, special teams, running game, passing game, kicking game. 

“We just didn't do a good enough job. I didn't do a good enough job. It starts with me. We didn't do a very good job of coaching, didn't do a very good job of playing, so that's pretty much all of it. Whatever area you want to ask about, it's, I mean, I'd say that for all of it. None of it was good enough.”

Once the clock had clicked down to end the agony, Belichick jogged across the field to shake hands with Vrabel in an act of mutual respect.

“I thought the Titans were clearly the better team,” he later said. “They deserved to win and they did, soundly.”

Vrabel went on to say the fact that the Titans are now 5-4 is partly due to lessons he learned in Foxboro. "The one thing Bill always said was 'it's an honor and a privilege to coach in this league.' I'll never forget that as a player and now to be able to be in this position as a coach in this league," he said. "He always treated it with a lot of respect, the fact that we coach in this league and the history that's behind it ... We learned a lot from the people there, from Mr. Kraft down to Bill and his staff."

A lack of fan support was not one of the Pats problems, however, as the crowd at Nissan Stadium in downtown Nashville looked like they’d been plucked straight out of Gillette. There was even a guy in a full goat head strutting around (and no, he didn’t take it off waiting in line for beer …)

The loyal following didn’t go unnoticed, with Julian Edelman issuing a special apology for those who’d flown in from around the country.

“I’m sorry we disappointed some of the fans that were out here for us,” said JE11, reported. “They were heavily populated here. But we’ve got to go back to New England and get back to work.”

As the team boarded Air Patriots to do just that, the fans drowned their sorrows and celebrated their united front at the countless bars and live venues in the Music City. While they all agreed it was a pretty terrible game, a good time was definitely had by (nearly) all.

But not everyone was so classy about the result... Dion Lewis for one still holds a grudge over being let go via free agency over the summer, telling reporters post-game: “Hell yeah it’s personal. That’s what happens when you go cheap. You get your (expletive) kicked.”

Tedy Bruschi isn't on the Patriots defense anymore but he certainly came to it after Lewis continued his bitter rant on Twitter, reminding the under-sized, injury-prone running back why he gets to call himself a Super Bowl champion. "This can't be right," the ESPN analyst said.

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The Patriots head into their BYE week now before facing the Jets in New York Week 12, but they’re not gonna wash this loss off quickly.

“You better learn from a game like this because the weeks get harder and harder,” Edelman said. “You’re going into that bye week with a dirty taste in your mouth. You can either do well from it or you could tank it … It’s up to us.”


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