Patriots Playoff Picture Sealed by Jags Win Over the Bills

Posted by: Gronkowski

Who the Patriots play next Saturday night was in the hands of the Jacksonville Jaguars and (double!) All-Pro defensive end Calais Campbell this weekend.

With the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 season, the Jags were battling to stop them heading to Foxboro for an AFC East rivalry game.

The last time the Jaguars hosted a playoff game was also in 2000, but this is a very different team since Campbell brought Sacksonville back to town when he came from the Arizona Cardinals. Calais is also a good friend of Gronk Nation, former teammate of Mojo Rawley's, and appeared on Gronk's "MVP" show Season 2 -- so we couldn't be happier about his killer year (until the Pats face the Jags, of course).

With a Jaguars win, the Pats would face the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round next week following their thrilling victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

If they lost … we would have had the Bills back at Gillette for the second time this season.

Thankfully for those Pats fans not wanting the Bills Mafia to come back to town, the Jags sealed the deal with a 10-3 win over the Bills.

While it wasn't pretty a lot of the time -- and Blake Bortles' poor performance meant that he finished with 2-of-23 passing for 87 yards (3.7 yards per attempt) and one touchdown -- they got the job done in the end, a large part due to that havoc-wreaking defense.

According to ESPN, the 13 combined points between the Jaguars and Bills are the fewest in a postseason game since the Steelers beat the Patriots, 7-6, in the 1997 Divisional Playoffs.

Bortles and the Jags offense are going to have to up their game when they head to Pittsburgh next Sunday, meanwhile the Patriots host the Tennessee Titans at 8.15 p.m. ET on Saturday.

And the Bills have the rest of January off ... as usual.


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