Patriots Rein in the Colts With Brady’s Historic 500th Career Touchdown 

Posted by: Gronkowski

The Patriots transformed the Colts into well-behaved show ponies on Thursday night in a dominating win coming off a short week of rest.

Brady was on fire, Gronk was healthy, Edelman was back, Gordon has arrived – and Sony Michel proved he was a first-round draft pick well spent.

The 38-24 victory pushed the Patriots to 3-2 so far this season, with the chance of taking over the top of the AFC East if the Dolphins lose to the Bengals on Sunday. 

It also gave Brady the chance to make history once again by scoring his 500th career touchdown. However, he opened the game making his first pass a welcome back gesture to Edelman (who had a total of seven catches for 57 yards). 

"We wanted to get him involved and he made some great plays," Brady said after the game, according to CBS Sports. "It was just good to have him out there."

But the touchdown that became his benchmark 500th came in the 4th quarter to new receiver Josh Gordon, who is now the 71st player to catch a TD from Brady. That breaks yet another record previously held by Vinny Testaverde, who had thrown touchdowns to 70 different players. 

Gordon even got treated to a hug from Brady, which is a lot harder to earn! 

As for rookie running back Sony Michel, he earned high praise from Gronk for his performance in the game where he got 98 rushing yards and one touchdown.


"The offensive line is doing a great job, but the way [Michel] is running the ball just helps the play-action out hugely," Gronk said on the Fox postgame show. "I caught a couple play-action passes today and it's all because of that reason. The way he runs the ball, the linebackers have to respect it, so it's huge to be part of this offense.

“It's huge," Rob said of the killer combo of Michel and James White. "Just to be able to have Sony out there, James White … I mean, just a phenomenal athlete in the run and pass game."

Brady also had a quick screen to Cordarelle Patterson on third-and-goal from the 1 that resulted in the touchdown.

While the Patriots were definitely rejoicing their trampling of the Colts on Thursday night, Edelman was also celebrating another piece of good news in Boston sports. 

Jules wore a No. 11 Boston Celtics jersey as he took to the podium for the post-game interview to signal his joy over Kyrie Irving pledging to stick with the team. But when he turned around, reporters realized it had been doctored to have Edelman’s name on the back … 

Irving said he was aware of the handiwork being done to Edelman’s Celtics shirt.

“It passed by me before it got to him,’’ he said on Friday, reported. “I’m appreciative of him. He’s a great person. Hopefully, I’ll ask the Patriots if they can give me a No. 11 jersey with my name on the back, just like Edelman. That’d be nice.’’

Back in Foxboro, the Patriots now have the weekend off before facing the Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday night. 







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