Patriots vs Jets Week 17 Preview: Gronk Says 'I Love the Grind and I’m All In'

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It feels like we were just celebrating the beginning of the 2018 season … and then as if by magic, poof – it’s Week 17 and there’s only one game left. 

For that important final regular season matchup, the Patriots are hosting the Jets at Gillette on Sunday afternoon. The Pats are 3-5 on the road so far this season but unbeaten at home. 

While the Patriots are through to the playoffs but fighting for home field advantage, the Jets are playing just to piss them off and get a win against their AFC East nemesis that might possibly save head coach Todd Bowles' job. 

Since their first meeting in 1960 - when they were the New York Titans and the Boston Patriots - our guys have a 64–54–1record, with the Pats 2-1 when meeting in the post season. The largest victory was in favor of New England at 56-3 in 1979.

We’re not expecting that kind of score on Sunday (Vegas has the Pats as 13 point favorites) but Brady it made it very clear earlier this week that he’s feeling fit enough to be around for the long haul.

"I absolutely believe I will [return in 2019]," he said on Westwood One Sports, per ESPN's Mike Reiss on Wednesday. "I know I've talked about it for a long time. I have goals to play not only next year, but beyond that. I'm going to try to do as best I possibly can.

"It will certainly be a challenge. I don't take any of these things for granted, but I hope I can keep playing, and I hope I can keep playing at a championship level," he added.

Gronk echoed TB12’s sentiments the next day by telling reporters that retirement is the last thing on his mind right now. “I haven’t been thinking about that at all. We’re on the last game, going into Week 17, we have the Jets and that’s all I’m worried about,” Rob said.

“It’s a long season … You have to keep it light and enjoy your time,” he went on to say. “No matter how games go, up or down, you have to keep focused and keep it going, which we have been. We’ve been through a roller coaster all season, and you just have to keep focused and keep preparing.”

After spending Christmas back in Buffalo with his family, Gronk is keeping up the Patriots' mantra under Belichick of “do your job” and avoiding all distractions. “I love the grind and I’m all in; I’ve been all-in all season,” he continued. “No matter if it’s been up or down, I’m going to be all-in the rest of the year.”

The Jets haven't won the AFC East since 2002, when quarterback Sam Darnold was just five years old, while the Pats have clinched the division 15 of the last 16 seasons and just done it for the 10th consecutive time. 

Darnold was out when the Pats last played (and beat) the Jets earlier this season – and no, he is not treating this like any other game.

 "I'm not just going to ignore the fact that I'm playing those guys [Brady and Aaron Rodgers last week]. I know that I am and I want to step up ... you want to play well when you're going up against those guys,” Darnold said, according to

"Not that I don't want to play well when I'm going up against those guys, but there is a little something extra there."

By the close of Sunday night, we’re all going to have our playoff picture questions answered. The Pats will clinch the No. 2 seed with a win over the Jets, but benefit even more by losses for the Chiefs and Chargers. 

According to CBS Boston, this is the scenario going into the final football Sunday of the season.

Patriots Get No. 1 Seed If…

– The Patriots beat the Jets


– The Chiefs lose to the Raiders


– The Chargers lose to the Broncos




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