Patriots vs Rams Super Bowl LIII Preview: 'We’re Down Here for One Reason and It’s to Get the Win,' Gronk Says

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After two weeks of speculation, wild theories, media white noise and one frat party invitation, Super Bowl LIII is just one day away.

And if we're learned anything from the past few days in Atlanta, it's that Gronk is focused, fired up and having a blast! 

Preparing to for his fifth Super Bowl at just 29 years old, Rob looks to be on top of his game in every way. 

As for the Rams, Gronk is just as excited to face them on Sunday as he was to banter with the media on Opening Night. "It’s a great matchup. They’re a good team, a solid team. They’re very talented all around the board. It’s going to be a lot of fun," he said earlier this week. 

The Patriots' mantra of "We're Still Here" is way more than a rally cry ahead of this game, it's a reminder that the Rams are playing the same quarterback and coach combo that they did in 2002 - back when they were called the St. Louis Rams and had long-retired Kurt Warner under center.

No matter how well-stacked your team is, or how brilliant your young coach is (Sean McVay may truly be the second coming of Bill Belichick), one of the most important factors when it comes to handling the pressure of Super Bowl is having been there before and knowing how to ignore the mayhem going on around you.

"It’s really just to stay focused. There’s so many distractions all over the place when you get down there. There’s events left and right, every day, every night, morning to night," Rob told reporters, according to "We’re down there for one reason and it’s to get the win. The only thing you remember from the trip is if you won or if you lost. You’ve just got to stay focused and put it all in so you can go out there and we can do what we’ve got to do."

As for the Pats being at the big dance once again, "It’s just surreal, just being part of the organization here and just coming into – it was already established and just keep on grinding, keep on helping them out, keep on helping this organization out and getting wins. Coming out and doing the best football I can do every time I step out on the field. It’s just unbelievable to be part of it and to keep the journey going."

While the entire city of Atlanta including Gronk's 69 closest family and friends (this time, we are not exagerating!) will be out partying Saturday night on Super Bowl eve, Rob told USA Today's For the Win that he's planning to have a chill night in. 

"Get a nice dinner. Probably watch a movie and get a good night’s sleep – that’s the most crucial," he said.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest night to sleep but you gotta treat it like any other game and keep your mindset in and keep your routine going like any other time."

Fans can now bet on anything from the coin toss to whether Mark Wahlberg leaves before the end of the game, but the real Las Vegas bookies have the Patriots as 2.5 point favorites - blowing up their bragged about "underdogs" claim from the AFC championship game.

As always, ESPN commentators offered their predictions for Super Bowl LIII, and out of the 34 asked, 20 selected the New England Patriots and 14 chose the Rams.

Just in case you need even more reason to get amped, check out the Pats' official hype video set to the music of one of Robert Kraft's favorites - Meek Mill.








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