Relive Gronk's Mind-Blowing Super Bowl LII Performance

Posted by: Gronkowski

The Patriots' bid for six may have just fallen short but that doesn’t take anything away from the phenomenal achievements of Rob Gronkowski and the rest of the team on Sunday.

Gronk was so close to catching a Hail Mary from Tom Brady in the waning seconds of the Super Bowl LII but had six Eagles defensive backs, so it would have been a miraculous feat.

Lets put it this way, if Rob had caught that, they would have just walked him right off the field at U.S. Bank Stadium and into the Hall of Fame.

Many fans and sports pundits believe that in any normal game there would have been a flag for pass interference as Chris Hogan had been roughed by an Eagles defender.

But one second left in the Super Bowl is not a “normal game” by any means. And in one of the best games in Super Bowl history, the Eagles won 38-33.

However, that takes nothing away from the achievements by the Pats in the season overall and especially in Super Bowl LII.

Gronk made the biggest difference in the second half for the Pats’ offense, connecting with Brady four times for 68 yards (just one yard short of 69!) in the first drive of the third quarter, ending with a five-yard touchdown.

After that, it was all-Gronk-all-the-time as he scored a second touchdown in the fourth that means he now ties with John Stallworth for the second-most all-time post-season touchdowns with 12.

Number 87 ended the game with nine catches for 116 yards and two touchdowns on 15 targets.

As CBS Sports pointed out, those are not typical stats associated with any player on a losing team.

“I guess we've got to keep our chins up because we put a lot of work in, we put a lot of work in for each other and it just didn't end the way we wanted to,” Rob said after the game.

Gronk had a helluva game, a helluva season and a helluva touchdown celebration dance.

And with that, we're on the 2018 season. See you in Atlanta this time next year, kids.


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