The White House Gets Double Gronked as the Pats Visit the President

Posted by: Gronkowski

Some pretty important things happen at the White House, but none more so than the Patriots coming to visit (again!) and the capital got twice as many Gronkowskis this year when both Rob and Glenn were in attendance.

Of course, Gronk literally interrupted governmental procedures when he gatecrashed Sean Spicer’s press conference asking: “You need help?”

Clearly shocked, the White House press secretary assured him, “I got this, thank you,” then “Wow, that was cool …” (The Rhode Island native is a huge Pats fan, in case you didn’t know).

The only thing better would have been Rob taking questions from the media about foreign policy …

Of course, the big day wasn’t over there, as all of the Patriots got to meet President Trump and were honored by the POTUS for their historic Super Bowl LI comeback win.

“With your backs against the wall, and the pundits saying you couldn’t do it, you pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time,” Trump told them, as Belichick beamed with pride.

Then the players got to do the traditional visit to the Oval office — and our boys look really at home there!

Gronk fist-pumped the president in what may have been the coolest moment to ever take place in the West Wing, while Glenn looked like he should be the V.P. as he stood formally in his photo.

It's never too soon to start campaigning for "Gronk for President 2069".


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