'Twinkle Toes' Gronkowski Earns High Praise From Belichick for His 'Nice Little High Step'

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You can just call him Rob “Twinkle Toes” Gronkowski from now on. 

Yep, that’s how Bill Belichick described his top tight end after Sunday’s saunter into the New York Jets end zone following a 33-yard touchdown reception.

While Pats fans marveled over Gronk’s quickstep when they watched it live, Belichick got to do a deep dive into the smooth move when he broke down the top plays of the hard-fought victory for his weekly video on Patriots.com.

“Rob did a good job making a play here … Nice little high step here,” the most serious man in football said, as he showed Gronk pull out the toy soldier dance that he debuted in London in 2012 against the then-St. Louis Rams -- now complete with a digital circle around him.

Whatever the move was – it sparked a giggle from The Hoodie.

The cool comments came in the midst of Belichick's regular analytical – but somewhat dry – review of the prior week’s game as the tape flashed back and forward like a video game.

“He said I’ve got twinkle toes. So I’ll take twinkle toes. I like that I have twinkle toes, that means I’m feeling good, I’m feeling it,” Gronk told reporters later on Wednesday, according to USAToday’s PatriotsWire.

As we all know -- that also means you're a damn good dancer, Rob.

Number 87 will next be able to show off his light footwork on Sunday night when the Atlanta Falcons attempt to reap revenge for their Super Bowl LI embarrassment.

Watch Belichick's breakdown on the video here.


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