Watch Gronk Get Up Close and Personal With a Tiger Shark

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We’re not sure where “making out with sharks” fits into NFL safety regulations but that didn’t stop Gronk from fearlessly doing it on a recent shoot for the Discovery Channel. 

Our intrepid underwater adventurer traveled to the Bahamas with his trusty sidekick Bobby Goons and a top team of shark scientists to film “Monster Tag,” a Shark Week special that involved tagging endangered sharks. 

“The Tiger Shark = Huge, strong, misunderstood, AND endangered 
Watch us both WIN on @sharkweek this month,” Rob posted on Instagram this week, along with a video of him literally petting a shark underwater.

Before you freak out, we can assure you that Gronk is fine and escaped the encounter without even a flesh wound (the shark was totally unscathed too). But yes -- tiger sharks are on the list of "big three" shark predators known to attack humans especially in U.S. waters, along with great whites and bull sharks, so it was pretty dangerous. 

According to the show description courtesy of Discovery, “Shark populations are in trouble worldwide, but a daring collection of dedicated shark researchers are using the latest satellite technology to try and save them. If researchers can use satellite wildlife tags to figure out where sharks feed, mate, and birth their pups, the information will be critical to conserving the species.” The episode is produced by Gronk's long-term manager, Henry Penzi, Gronkowski himself and Propagate Content.

Gronk was joined by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn on the Caribbean trip, but even they aren’t the biggest stars featured on the 30th Anniversary of Shark Week. 

Yep, we’re talking about NBA giant and former Gronk dance partner Shaquille O’Neal – who’s pretty much the size of a great white – as he overcomes his fear of sharks in “Shaq Does Shark Week.” 

Have you ever seen a 7-foot-one former pro athlete cry in fear? If that’s on your bucket list, tune in as he is helped by former Navy and Marine Rob Riggle, who trains Shaq to take the “deep plunge.” 

Former UFC fighter and current WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey has her own episode too, as she gets out of cage with bull sharks -- but will she dare to do it with a mako in the "main event?" We bet Mojo Rawley would ... 

Tune into the Discovery Channel on July 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to watch Gronk on “Monster Tag.” We promise it is less scary than sitting through “Jaws” or “The Shallows.”


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