Watch Gronk Invite a Very Special Pats Fan From Buffalo to Tom Brady’s Football Clinic

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Rob Gronkowski and the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation are helping the New England Patriots’ No. 1 fan fulfill his dream of catching a ball from the G.O.A.T. himself at a football clinic with none other than Tom Brady.

Gronk personally filmed a video invitation for 12-year-old Holden Miller, who is from the Gronkowski family’s hometown of Buffalo, New York, asking him to join them at Gillette Stadium on Monday, Aug. 27. The hype video was hand-delivered by Gronk’s brother, Dan, and dad, Gordy Gronkowski, as they surprised Holden on his doorstep Thursday morning. 

Along with telling Holden that he’ll be flown out to New England for the experience of a lifetime with him and Brady, Gronk told him: “I heard you are a huge Patriots fan in Buffalo, it must be tough out there! Thank you for all your support, I’ll be seeing you next week and we’re going to have a blast at the throwing clinic and we’re going to throw some footballs. Thank you for the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation for setting this up.”

A huge Patriots fan, Holden first started to like Gronk because he says “he is nice, not a meanie and is really nice to kids,” his mom Kristin Miller told Gronk Nation. When he learned Rob grew up near his home, “this sealed the deal of his true love for Rob.”

Holden was picked for the honor because of his inspirational strength and resilience during a rollercoaster of challenges in his life. Having been fostered at three years old, his adoption was finalized two years later by his delighted family. Holden was born with a large mass on his left knee that had destroyed his joint and causes pain during excessive activity.

"He's since had 16 surgeries and continues to grow masses in his belly, which need to be removed to ensure they are benign and don’t further damage his organs. He was also born deaf and received cochlear implants in both ears when he was a toddler. Despite the discomfort, he learned to accept them and began to speak when he was six – he can now complete full sentences and even talks in his sleep! 

As a result of his multiple surgeries and physical challenges, Holden has not been able to play mainstream sports with his peers. He struggles to keep up with kids his own age but is hoping to play sled hockey this fall, which would give him the opportunity to be part of a team. 

“His ultimate goal is to play football and the experience that the Gronkowskis are about to give Holden is a dream come true,” his mom said. “This will truly allow him to forget all the challenges he faces daily and have an experience he will never forget.”

Holden’s parents and his older brother, Mason, will join him on the trip to Foxboro to meet – and play with - his football idols.

There's nothing like learning from the best, they'll have him out doing Gronk Spikes on the field in no time! 

Watch this space for pics and video of Holden getting Gronked and then catching passes from Brady. 


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