Why Gronk Was Clutch in Patriots Super Bowl LIII Win: 'When It Comes to Crunch Time, I Always Find a Way'

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What’s begun to feel like an annual Gronkowski family (plus 69 of their closest friends) trip to the Super Bowl ended with a sixth Lombardi Trophy for the Patriots on Sunday night.

Yep, Tom Brady finally needs two lands for all those rings he’s flashing - and the Patriots need a bigger plane.

While Super Bowl LIII against the L.A. Rams won’t be remembered as the most exciting game of all time especially in terms of scoring, the 13-3 shutdown of the Rams catapulted the Patriots legacy even deeper into the NFL history books.

Gronk was clutch throughout the game, with six receiving yards and 87 rushing, but perhaps his biggest impact was when Brady threw two perfect passes to him to set up a two-yard score to rookie Sony Michel (which marked the only touchdown in the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever).

"He knows to trust in me and throw that ball and I'm going to grab it,” Gronk said after the confetti had been cleared away.

"I knew it [the pass] was going to come to me. I just had a feeling… We ran the play like two plays before. Kind of beat the guy, had a little leverage. McDaniels saw it, repeated the play again. I knew it was going to come to me. Tom put it up there and went and made the play.

"When it comes to crunch time, I always find a way."

Gronk’s role also earned his respect and high praise from the Hoodie himself, with Belichick telling reporters: “Certainly Tom's two big plays to Rob on the touchdown drive, on the play-action and hitting him down the seam. That was some great play-calling by Josh and great execution by Tom and Rob.”

As did Brady, as usual. "He's an awesome player, great teammate, friend, and just so proud of everything that he's done for our team. He just had an incredible game."

So how many Super Bowl rings does Rob have now? Officially three, but he’s got a whacky math formula to figure it out!

“I only have one, but now I have three,” Gronk told NFL Network on the field after the game. Huh??? So he goes on to explain, after being warned that they’re broadcasting live.

Watch the video below to figure it out … 

(And yes, he does have three – against Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons and now the LA Rams).

Big Rob went on to brag that he was gonna out party Bill Belichick (which is the safest bet of all Super Bowl).

However, our favorite celebration post game snap shot came from Gronk brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn and Gordie Jr. as they made “bro angels” in the confetti on the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Brady is now 6 for 9 in Super Bowl appearances - now that's math you can't make up!

Check out he marked the #69 milestone by making another epic Instagram video with Gronk, direct from the VIP area of the Patriots Victory Party (while Chainsmokers and Snoop Dogg played upstairs to hundreds of Pats faithful).


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