Why This Winter Storm You're Freezing in Is Good for the Patriots

Posted by: Gronkowski

Cold weather in New England warms the hearts of the Patriots and adds a glow to fans’ faces.

We know you may be hating it and not actually be able feel your face, but the Pats' record for the last 23 years in cold weather games is 42-10. And it’s even better in the postseason, notching up a12-2 record.

For those who are curious, “cold weather games” are officially when the temperature is 34 degrees or below at kickoff.

You don’t need to be a meteorologist to know that it’s going to be way below that in Foxboro as a wicked cold spell is chocking the northeast to squeeze out the last breathes of 2017. 

The game-time prediction in Foxborough is 13 degrees but it will feel like -1 according to the Weather Channel, due to 13 m.p.h. winds.

When told that the Pats are pretty good in arctic climates during Friday’s press conference, California boy Tom Brady marveled, “Really? Are we?” We think he was being sarcastic.

The key to excelling the cold, according to Brady? “I just think you kind of know exactly what to wear,” he said. “You know what to wear. You know how many layers. You know how many heat packs. It’s all about practicing and getting used to it and it’s no surprise when you get (to a game).”

Brady will be bringing out his famous scuba suit -- first debuted Jan. 10, 2004 -- today. "I've been wearing it at practice," he told ESPN. "It just insulates you from the cold. It's good because it keeps the wind from penetrating and it really doesn't limit movement too much."

Of course, Buffalo native Rob Gronkowski is well used to weather that looks he's ventured North of the Wall in “Game of Thrones.” But as much as the odds are in the Pats favor, Rob isn’t looking past the Jets to the playoffs yet.

“They’re competitors,” he said, according to Boston Herald. “They play hard. They’re young, and they bring it so you’ve got to be ready. If you line up versus a competitor every single time, every week, you’ve got to be ready to play. Those safeties and linebackers, they compete. They play hard. They work hard, and they come hard. So you’ve got to be ready at all times.”

I’m “just approaching the game like any other week -- preparing hard, doing everything the same, getting ready for Sunday,” he added.

Gronk has 69 catches for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns this season. While we love that number of TDs, but we’d still love a few more before the season ends!


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