Yes, the Gronkowskis Really Played Flip Cup Against A-Rod on ‘Shark Tank’ (Video)

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By now, you all know that all five the Gronkowski brothers took over “Shark Tank” on Sunday and dominated the show like Rob man-handled the Jets defense earlier in the day. 

But in case you missed it – and shame on you if you did – one of the most epic moments of the night before Chris Gronkowski won over all the investors with his Ice Shaker pitch, was a hard-fought game of flip cup.

We all know that Gronk is tight with Red Sox legend Big Papi thanks to their Dunkin’ Donuts duets, so it must have felt good for him to take on Ortiz’s former Yankees rival, Alex Rodriguez.

The bros called the investors over to a table for a unique game of flip cup, chugging water instead of beer as this is a family show, with the losing team having to drink a warm protein shake out of an old shaker bottle ... instead of perfectly-chilled Ice Shaker.

If you’ve ever played flip cup against the Gronkowskis (this writer has, and barely survived to tell the tale), then you won’t be surprised that the most hyped bros in sports won hands down – with the final flip coming from Gordie Jr. (the most dangerous of the bunch) against Mark Cuban.

If the beat-down didn’t convince the sharks that Ice Shaker has a huge future, then Chris’ big sell of the ingenious insulated shaker did.

After all the offers were on the table, the boys was able to negotiate with Cuban and Rodriguez, deciding on a deal for $150,000 for a 15 percent stake, valuing the company at the original $1 million that Chris wanted.

For his next investment meeting, he should pull out the beer pong table!

Watch a video clip below. 



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