You Can Probably Guess How Much Gronk Would Pay to Wear No. 69 Jersey

Posted by: Gronkowski

If there’s one thing we all know and love about Gronk, it’s his adoration for the number 69. He loves it so much, he said he’d even consider changing his number.

In an interview on Bleacher Report’s The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast, Gronk said he’d consider hanging up his number 87 jersey for his favorite number — 69, says an article in USA Today.

This isn’t out of the realm of possibility either, players are allowed to change their numbers during the offseason. The only stipulation is the players have to sort it out amongst themselves. So, if a player wants a certain number that another player has, they’ll need to negotiate the terms of the transfer between the two of them.

In this case, Gronk would need to negotiate a price with Shaq Mason, the current owner of the number 69 jersey.

Gronk is willing to pay, but he said he’ll only pay one price. Yep, you guessed it: $69,000


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